Ride your way

A lifestyle choice, not a commuter’s choice
Why? Why do we rush through life? Why do we do what others do, and act as others act? Why do we keep our heads down, and blindly follow the masses, believing it is easier this way. All we do is keep adding days to our life, instead of adding life to our days!
Even the longest journey begins with the first step…
If you already own a base bike which you consider for the custom project, we need to assess if it’s make, model and technical condition is suitable for the project to begin with. If, on the other hand, you wish us to find a bike for you, the time required needs to be accounted for in the overall build programme. Please be patient, as finding a suitable base bike can be challenging.
The order
How far are you prepared to go? At this point we we would discuss and agree the terms with you. Typically, we need 3-5 months to build a bike since an arrival of the base at our workshop. This can vary depending on availability of parts for the engine re-build, if such is required. Please contact us to book a build slot.
The concept
During the first few weeks, while the bike’s mechanical parts are being examined, and/or the engine is being rebuilt, we allow the time for a concept of the project to be developed, together with you. We listen to your story to begin with. We want to learn what inspires you, what bike you are dreaming about, what describes you as a person. Perhaps there are details, elements on other bikes that you like, and would like to be echoed in our design; this is the time to do it.
To communicate our design efficiently, we prepare a series of sketches, concept details, colour schemes for you to consider. Once the concept is signed of, we proceed further with the build.
The build
We have an open workshop policy; therefore we will keep you posted about the progress of our work. We would like you to be part of the build process, so should you have any comments and suggestions, please feel free to let us know.
The dream becomes reality
Towards the end of the build process we will invite you into our garage for the rollout of your new bike. If, however, for whatever reason, you are unable to make the presentation, we will arrange for the bike to be delivered to your doorstep. We will do so free of charge within Poland. If delivery to another location in the world is required, we will arrange this for you.
We are continuously seeking for the projects to express ourselves. If you happen to see a reflection of your soul, and you fall in love with one of our handcrafted, speculatively build projects, do not hesitate to contact us for pricing.