Our Team

The oldskool.
We all recall the times when motorcycles were made for the people, not for the money. Good quality, long lasting and full of soul and character… We all aspire to embrace those values.
Marcin Janusz, the rollinbikes founder, whose university made an architect, is a mastermind behind the whole venture. Since Marcin could climb onto his first two wheels, it got him! Here he is, over 25 year later. Marcin is drawing the best from the design rulebook (if there was any!) carefully considering proportions, composition and colour schemes for each project, ensuring it is not just yet another collection of random parts, which don’t quite fly together.
Marcin is supported by his life partner Anna Markowicz, whose unique taste and a 6th sense for everything that can be considered as worthy a bet. Anna is looking after our selection of all ‘the cool’ available through our web-shop.
The techy side is handled by Darek Hassak, a truly devoted, motorbikes-only mechanic, with over 20 year of experience in the field and his rarely now seen pedantic approach. Darek does wonders with his toolset and a welding machine.
We wouldn’t be able to communicate, on an appropriate level, our philosophy and our designs in the world we live in without a dedication and passion of Wojtek Kuś, a professional movie director. Wojtek is the man behind the scenes off the ‘in motion’ content of our website. Wojtek is also a biker, what proves of great value in the way we communicate.
All the photography is handled by Bogdan Budzioch, an uncompromising biker, who has a great eye for capturing what really matters.
We also cooperate locally with well proven craftsmen, such as locksmith, upholsterer and more if required.